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If a violation is currently in progress call: 800-792-4263 [GAME]
Report Poaching: You CAN make a difference!
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"Wall of Shame" Traveling Exhibit

This display is a valuable means of advertising the Operation Game Thief message- You can make a difference in the fight against poachers. Your contributions make it possible to introduce the "Wall of Shame" to Texans all over the state.
Wall of Shame Traveling Exhibit
Wall of Shame Traveling Exhibit The "Wall of Shame" displays examples of major, intentional acts of poaching. Luckily, in each of these cases, the violators were apprehended and prosecuted. Unfortunately, too many others are getting away with their crimes. This display is viewed by thousands of people every year.
Wall of Shame Traveling Exhibit People who love wildlife and the outdoors, including responsible sportsmen who hunt and fish, are conservationists with respect for the wildlife of Texas and for other sportsmen. Poachers have no regard for the wildlife they steal. Operation Game Thief wants to spread the word that Texans will not tolerate illegal hunting and fishing! By supporting Operation Game Thief, you can make a difference in the fight against poachers.
Wall of Shame Traveling Exhibit

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